How to Recover Fine Motor Skills Fast

While there are many methods that one can use to rehabilitate after neurological diseases, in this article we would like to dive a little bit more into our SensoRehab product and touch on why we believe it to be the most efficient and quickest way to rehab. In short, SensoGlove is a device that uses 3 biofeedback channels and principles of gamification to excel at rehabilitation efficiency. Downbelow we will dive into a bit more detail on biofeedback and gamification as well as other benefits of our methodology and device.


Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that allows individuals to learn how to modify their physiology to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In similarity to physical therapy, biofeedback requires constant training for it to deliver results. Biofeedback also uses sensors attached to the body to measure body functions. SensoGlove as was mentioned above uses not 1 but 3 biofeedback channels (visual, audio, and haptic). Therefore a person can adapt physiologically quicker.


In the current day and age principles of gamification are increasingly getting popular in the medical field. Gamification allows a person to keep a positive psychoemotional state while involved in rehabilitation. Many challenging games with specific goals and measurements allow one to track his progress and achievements. Every day SensoRehab's developers work to create variable and exciting games to diversify the rehabilitation process as much as possible. So that everyone can find the best game for himself.


Arguably the best thing about rehabilitation with our product is that it only takes 5 to 20 minutes of your day to play to already notice progress shortly. However, we ask everyone to take it seriously and exercise every single day if such is possible. Besides the simplicity of exploitation and effectiveness of rehab many clinics in Russia already trust SensoRehab due to our method's applicability even in more difficult cases. For instance, when one is barely able to move fingers and wrist. Hi-tech sensors can pick up on the smallest movements allowing a person to still enjoy playing. Additionally, SensoRehab is available for outpatient use under doctor’s surveillance. Doctors are able to log into a special portal to see their patient's results. SensoRehab can also be used in a home setting to practice by yourself and track all your results in case you wish not to contact a clinic.

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